An NFT-infused lingerie brand, celebrating femininity and showcasing the true range of beauty.

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As the world goes through a technological movement that rivals that of the emergence of the internet, it is important to consider what elements of society we want to take with us, and the ones that we’d like to change.

Of all of the things that web2 brought us, we can’t deny that the initial age of the internet has been cruel, and offered a way for people to hide their true selves. An era of social media and filters started to take true beauty away from the world, and caused women to lose pride in their Femininity.

We have a chance now to redeem ourselves, and to reclaim the beauty that we so easily lost grip on. Web3 gives us an opportunity to celebrate individuality, and champion every race and body type, without prejudice or judgment.

Now is the time for us to realize our true worth, and to celebrate our femininity once again.



Meriel is a Ukrainian high-quality lingerie brand that celebrates the diversity of femininity.

We’re releasing X NFTs onto the blockchain to celebrate our collection, and give you a chance to be a part of a revolutionary movement.

Our physical designs are made to highlight a range of beautiful female features, and we want our NFTs to be an extension of that.

You’ll find a wide variety of female representation throughout our NFT artwork, showcasing the varying nature of femininity.

Holding one of our NFTs isn’t just about owning artwork, it means owning a piece of our brand, and proudly displaying our message. We’ve got a host of interesting utility involved, and hope that you’ll enjoy that with us.

MERIEL ownership

Meriel owners are contributors and investors in our mission, which comes with unique benefits:
Ownership of the underlying artwork and IP
Original monthly ArtDrops from select NFT artists
Exclusive access to your WoW 4k x 4k file
Curated pre-sales and mint pass for high potential collections vetted by the DAWoW
Holders-only raffles and discounts
Invite to annual gala for holders and IRL events


As we’ve mentioned, owning one of our NFTs is more than just having a beautiful piece of art. Instead, it inducts you into our community, and gives you a chance to celebrate your own femininity.

When it comes to utility, we’ve got a lot of plans in store. We’ll be giving away generous amounts of ETH, as well as beautiful lingerie sets. We’ll also be launching a Meriel Calendar, and rewarding our holders with the chance to feature.

Our project will benefit from a wide reach, using a 3million-strong social media following, and great press interest. Our movement is one of a kind, and bound to be recognised. And while all that is brilliant, it pales in comparison to our main utility - giving you the chance to be a part of a movement that changes the world, and makes an impact on the future of female confidence.



Stage 1: Our Community

Our message is simple, and easy to get behind. We exist to champion female individuality, and want to look good whilst we’re doing it. You don’t have to be a female to be a part of our community - do it for your loved ones. Join our Discord, or follow us on Twitter for updates, we’ll be happy to have you.

Stage 2: OpenSea Launch

Our NFTs are available on OpenSea, giving you the opportunity to choose the NFT that you purchase, instead of being subject to randomized artwork. We’ve not got a rarity scale, because that would be defeating our main objective.

What this means is that you’re able to choose an NFT that best represents yourself, or one that just looks the best in your eyes - it’s all about individual choice.

Stage 3: Rewarding Individuality

This stage will see a great utility for holders that comes in the form of a worldwide celebration of beauty, as we launch the Meriel Lingerie Calendar. The calendar will be a celebration of femininity in all of its forms, and our holders will feature on it.

All our holders have to do is submit an application to a dedicated channel on our Discord, outlining why they believe they should be involved, and what they believe makes them beautiful. We’re not looking for anything in particular here - just for you to be you.

Stage 4: Giveaways and Giving Back

To celebrate a successful launch, we’ll be giving back in a number of ways to show our appreciation. 5 of our holders will receive 1 ETH, and 10 lucky holders will also receive a free lingerie set (the one displayed on their NFT).

We also want to be able to make our mark on the world here, which is why we’ll be giving away 10% ETH to charities that share our vision.

In addition, we’ll create an NFT art for 20 of our holders based on their joice: it can be your portrait or portrait of your idol or any other character you choose and you can price it as you wish!

Stage 5: The Meriel Learning Platform

The final stage of our current planned progression comes in the form of our learning platform. This will be our way of ensuring that our message continues to be spread throughout the world, helping to empower women everywhere.

learning platform will contain resources that help young women to realize their worth, and others to reclaim theirs if it is lost. It will be a complete celebration of what makes women unique and beautiful.

We’ll share individual stories here, and continue to build a community of women that know they are beautiful, and love who they are.

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